Benefits of Outdoor Spaces For Your Employees

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Benefits of  Outdoor Spaces For Your Employees

How often have you found yourself standing outside for a breath of fresh air after long hours of stressful work? How does it feel to take a break from tiring work and just go outside to feel nature? Does it not feel great; do you feel not an energy boost? If this can be helpful, why not take your workspace outdoors? This is not actually a new idea and is successfully being implemented by countless business and has provided an increase in the productivity and creativity of employees.

Taking your workspace outdoors can be extremely productive and a healthy step. It not only provides mental comfort but also physical relaxation. The fact that outdoor work environments are good for a number of reasons has already been unveiled by a number of reputable studies one of which was a Texas A&M study that proved that outdoor work environments not only reduce stress but also improve collaboration, relationships with peers and physical activeness.

Providing a landscaped environment for your employees to work in can be beneficial as it is known to ignite creative energy, improve the moods of employees and increases collaboration.

It has been reported in multiple studies that employees having their work desks near the windows or near plants are more productive; not only that they are also reported to be happier than their peers. So, taking your employees outdoors can enhance productivity in your employees.

People regulate circadian rhythms better in the presence of sunlight and a better regulation of these rhythms is compulsory because if these rhythms are disturbed individuals experience stress.

Scientists argue that a work environment directly and/or indirectly affects a person’s ability, motivation, and opportunity. Therefore, it is important for you, as an employer, to provide optimal conditions and environment for your employees for a greater level of productivity and happy employees because happy employees provide happy customers.

If it is not possible for you to move the workspace of your employees entirely; one can take alternative steps such as:

  • Place vases and live plants indoors. It has been reported that live plants provide an almost similar effect to working outdoors.
  • If it is not possible to bring live plants inside, even fake plants or pictures of nature boost performances.
  • Take your meetings outdoors.
  • Put glasses and windows where privacy is not an issue.


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