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Fire rings can finish off any landscape. They’re a focal point for any yard and are a safe way to enjoy campfires in your backyard any time of year. There are a few different parts that make up a fire ring.


How Does A Fire Ring Work?

A fire ring and fire pit at essentially the same thing. Sometimes people differentiate the two by saying a fire ring is directly on the ground with a small layer of loose rocks around it, while fire pits are somewhat raised up, often with stones or bricks surrounding the pit bucket itself. Fire rings come in kits of all looks and sizes, and installing one is simple and quick.


Your fire ring should be installed away from your house and away from any low-hanging limbs. You can go for a few different looks for your fire ring, whether it’s in-ground (recessed) or above the ground. You can put a fire ring in your yard or on a stone patio. If you’re putting your fire ring on top of paver stones, the bottom of the ring needs to be lined with fire-proof blocks.


Next, the person installing your fire ring will mark off the area you’d like it in with washable marking paint. For a round fire pit, a stake and string will be used to get a perfect circle. You can also request a rectangular fire ring.


If the fire ring will be on the ground, the sod will be removed to a depth of 2 inches and then gravel base will be used to re-fill the whole that was dug. It will then be wet down, tapped in, and then another ½ inch of gravel will be added, then tapped down. The base should be level, and then blocks will be added. The metal ring will go inside the stack of blocks, and they will be secured using concrete adhesive. Most above ground fire rings are 3-levels high.


To finish off the fire pit, lava rocks will be added and the fire can be started using kindling and logs.


Why Should I Get A Fire Ring?

A fire ring is a great focal point for your backyard. It will quickly become your family’s favorite gathering place at all times of the day, and it’s the perfect center-piece to your outdoor sitting or dining area. Kids and adults alike will love sitting next to the warm glow and taking in the warmth of the fire.


Fire rings are completely safe since they contain the fire fully, however, some local building codes require homeowners to get a permit/special permission prior to having one installed. Your landscaper will know about these requirements and will get the approval you need ahead of time.

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