5 Tips - MunsterWhen is perfect time to plan on how to maintain your landscape and to make renovations? Planning in advance and executing it in timely manner will give you the best result and fall is the best time to know how you’d make your landscape appealing for the whole next year through different seasons. In summer and thereafter, your lawn is likely to suffer from weeds, insects and of course, summer heat. So, if your landscape didn’t escape from any damages or other seasons’ effects on its structure, then fall is the best time to execute your landscape plans. Here are some tips that will help you to save money and will keep your landscape more appealing.

Lawn Winter Damages Control

The most common damage of winter in your garden is when it prevented the leaves of your grass and plants from becoming green again in spring.  This is due to snow, snow molds, ice and other several factors affecting the soil and the leaves. So, after cleaning up leaves and garbage that destroys the appearance of your landscape, you may also need to de-thatch or to use a power-raking depending on the type of lawn you have to remove the thatch that prevents moisture and nutrients to gets into the soil. Afterwards, fertilize your lawn to replenish nutrients lost in summer, restore plants and turf that is long-lasting.5 Tips - Munster2

Relocating Vegetation

When you find some parts of your garden seems over-crowded, you may need to relocate some of the plants to make sure that each of them is getting enough nutrients and this would also be a part of your plan in maintaining your garden landscape appealing and enduring for the whole next year. So, when falls comes, move those small and medium sized shrubs to other more spacious area of your garden. This will show the variety of the plants you have in your garden and will give a new atmosphere as well. In addition, this will also help you to distinguish which plants need additional care and watering.

Making New Garden Edge

Edging your garden requires time and hard-work. However, if you think that it helps in resolving past and future structural damages in your garden due to different types of seasons, it is a must to look for long-lasting resolution. Some techniques will be very helpful and one of them is this simple stone edging.  Stone edging keeps grass from invading your precious flowering plants and also helps to eliminate the need of edge trimming.

The Help of Post-Emergent Herbicides

If we are preventing our precious plants and green grass to wither, on the other hand, there’s a famous but unnecessary green in our garden that’s also growing in spring that we need to deal with as well. We are talking about crabgrass. If you are still seeing this enduring crabgrass lives on even after summer, and even we applied the pre-emergent herbicides in spring, well then treat them with post-emergent herbicides in fall.

Now It’s Time for Seeding

Some people think that the best time for seeding is in spring, of course it is very obvious why. However, try to consider that in spring, the ground is still frosty and inactive. This means that fall is the best time for seeding and reseeding instead since dirt has warmed-up and responsive which helps the development of roots. Munster

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