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Your mailbox is always visible to everyone on the street, so why not give it a re-do and make it an appealing part of your home’s appearance?

Stone Mailbox Pillars

A stone mailbox pillar is classic and elegant, and can truly finish off your yard’s look. On the front or side of the pillar, your house number will be placed in engraved metal plates to ensure your guests can find you easily. A flag will be placed to the right side of the pillar (typically right above the house number) and the door to the mailbox will be easily accessible from the front.

A light or flower urn can be placed atop the pillar’s cap, completing the look. Plants can also be placed next to or around the pillar to mix it in with the natural landscape. If you already have a fence line or gate at the end of your driveway, adding pillars to your fence is perfect for a uniform look. You can also keep it simple, adding just one pillar for your mailbox, or adding two pillars: one at either side of your driveway, with one containing your mailbox.

Stone mailbox pillars can also incorporate a flower bed to either side, brightening up your entryway! A great addition to your stone pillar are a few solar lights, placed under the cap to light your mailbox and/or around your house number so guests can find you in the evenings.

Other Designs

A variety of other mailbox designs can finish off the look of your home. Adding a new mailbox stand made from wood, stone, or bricks will secure your mailbox in place and give you a spot to add fresh new house numbers. A wrought iron mailbox stand can also be used to give your home a traditional, classy feel.

A metal pole can be installed as your mailbox stand, along with a variety of other materials.

If you’re not looking to change much, even just installing fresh house numbers on the side of your stand that are large, easy to read, and made from engraved metal or some other durable material can freshen up the look of your mailbox and also help guests find you more easily. Adding lights to your mailbox is another quick update option that can add security and peace of mind. Lighting up your house numbers will also aid guests in locating your home, and will make for an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for your friends and family.

Simply added mulch, landscape rocks, or a few flowers around your mailbox can also dress it up a bit and is the perfect way to finish off your yard.

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