Above is a small sampling showing some of our previous patios projects. We will be proud to show you our extensive portfolio highlighting the vast range of projects that we have completed when we meet for an initial consultation.

Our professional crews at Creative Landscape Services have been designing and installing quality Hardscapes for over 36 years. With our extensive experience in specializing solely in the landscape design and construction area of the industry, we are not a lawn maintenance company, we have developed and perfected construction procedures that have actually improved on the manufacturer’s installation recommendations. We are the only Landscape Contractor in the area with a “Life Time” warranty available on all of our Hardscape projects while most of the others offer only a 1-year warranty.

Building Patios can be a simple affair such as a simple square for the grill and patio furniture, to an elaborate design in any shape that can be thought of using 3D CAD software. An elaborate design with multiple style pavers, and just about anything that can be thought of as long as it is going to last a long time and retain its beauty and functionality. In Crown Point, IN there are plenty of patios, but you can design your own and after a consulting with our landscape professionals you will be on your way to a beautiful space for some stress relief at home!

After calling to make sure there are no electric or gas lines within the area the we will be able to safely be able to excavate and compacted for a sub base to build on. The area is brought up to grade so that when the patio is finished, it isn’t going to sink in and cause drainage and structural issues to the materials used in the construction or any existing structures, like your home. A special fabric called geotextile. This is to prevent changes due to freezing/thawing and soaking with rain. It is not needed every time but it is recommended in some areas.

The process continues with a base material of crushed limestone that is compacted to 3400psi, a layer of sand is used to set the pavers on and to add extra drainage. Next, we use edge restraints to hold everything in place to keep it all from shifting. The material used depends on the desired finish of the patio. Our landscapers will then put down fine Polymer sand to fill the spaces between the paving bricks before doing a final compaction, again at 3400psi. The folks in Crown Point will be envious of your newly designed entertainment area.

Call us when you are ready to have us install your new patios! Our landscapers will go over all of the details, and your ideas of what you want, then measure your area and help you pick the best materials for your individual project. Adding a professionally finished patio to your property will do wonders for looks, and value in the future. Your neighbors will be clamoring for the answer to who built your amazing patio!

Our professional landscape company can make your property look amazing, increase the value, and popularity if you enjoy outdoor entertaining with friends and family! There is nothing like a great personal sanctuary to unwind in after a long day, or to invite a few friends over for an intimate get together! Having a beautiful patio is a step in the right direction for home beauty and increasing the value of one of your biggest lifetime investments. You owe it to yourself to enjoy your property to its fullest potential. Call us and so we can start you on the way to an amazing new experience with family and friends, as you proudly accept the compliments you will surely get during your get-togethers. Crown Point, IN will be the place to hang out with our patios!

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