Above is a small sampling showing some of our previous plantings projects. We will be proud to show you our extensive portfolio highlighting the vast range of projects that we have completed when we meet for an initial consultation.

When you are deciding to improve your yard with landscaping and plants, give us a call! We are experienced landscape designers and we will create a custom landscape plantings design that will enhance the overall beauty of your home and yard. We use the gardening tables to pick the right plants for your Munster, IN yard Plantings so they are hardy enough to survive the temperature changes and climate as well as the soil you have.

We will measure the area you wish to have improved and make the best suggestions for the area and your tastes. If you have an idea of what you want, we can also make sure it will survive and flourish in the Northwest Indiana climate. Sunlight, rain, temperatures and the length of the growing season are the factors used in selecting your new plants.

The area will be soil tested, and if it is needed, new soil and fertilizers will be used to make the soil optimum for your Plantings. They will be arranged according to your personalized design. Perennials, shrubbery and trees are an option for your property facelift. This adds a new look to your property, as well as value!

If it is a Japanese garden, the trees and plants can be grouped together to create a stunning look for your yard. You can have a tropical feel paradise if the plants chosen are lush and colorful. Succulents look good whey they are grouped among stones for stunning visual effects by our landscaping professionals too. Want a vine to twine around your pergola or gate way? We will determine the best and soon you will have an amazing vine covered scene!

There are do’s and don’ts for plantings around a pool for the plant’s health and beauty and using the wrong plants will not get the right look if they die from the chlorine! Are you looking for a living privacy fence? We can tell you the best shrubs and plants that will enhance your yard, and give you privacy. Your Munster, IN neighbors will definitely notice the healthy and beautiful living privacy fence.

A different privacy screen can also be made in bamboo for an exotic look or start a small fruit grove with small fruit trees if the conditions are right for them. After consulting with us, we will give you the yard you have always wanted, and an amazing look that your Northwest Indiana neighbors will envy! We will give you a planting plan that will certainly bring you years of enjoyment, and add to the value of your home. Call us today so we can give you our best and give you that gorgeous yard you have always dreamed about. Our professional landscape company is ready to help you realize your desires for a beautiful yard!

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