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Retaining walls are a stylish and functional addition to any yard. Whether you’re bordering your garden, your driveway, or your yard itself, retaining walls can be great focal points of your landscape.



For those on a budget, cast concrete is a great option that looks like real stone. It’s made in blocks and is therefore quicker and cheaper to install than laying individual natural stones. However, natural bricks and stones are also fantastic and durable options for retaining walls.


Natural stones can be stacked and secured to be just as durable as cast concrete, though the process does take a bit more time. If you’re opposed to stone walls, you can also use wood in a modern approach, or even corrugated metal panels. There are plenty of options to choose from for your retaining wall, so there is no need to settle on something you don’t absolutely love.



Installing a retaining wall can range in difficulty depending on where you’re installing it, how tall it is, how long it is, and the materials being used. If you want to add a garden retaining wall, that process is usually a bit simply that adding or re-doing a retaining wall along the entire yard’s perimeter. However, all of these things can be done with proper planning.


The Looks

Retaining walls can be thick, thin, tall, or short depending on your needs and tastes. Retaining walls with a wide cap can also double as sitting walls, adding function to your landscape and giving your guests plenty of areas to sit back and enjoy your backyard space.


While a retaining wall can be built out of plain concrete blocks, even just one step up to cast concrete, designed to look like stone pavers, can improve the look of your yard ten-fold. Although adding large retaining walls can get expensive, cast concrete is a quicker and more affordable option than natural stone, and you will be pleased with your decision every time you look at your beautiful faux stone walls!


If you’re able to put down a little bit more money into making beautiful retaining walls, natural stone is a perfect option. It takes a bit more work and craftsmanship to lay out, but it will look absolutely stunning when all said and done. The stones will be staggered in a natural pattern that adds an element of intrigue to your landscape, and you can get creative with the ends of the walls by adding a staggered stair-step edge, or even gently sloping them down to the ground.

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