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sitting wall munster indianaSitting Walls

Sitting walls are an excellent way to add permanent and stylish seating to your backyard lounge area. Sitting walls can be placed around firepits or at the edge of your paver stone design. Sitting walls can be incorporated into a variety of looks and you can choose from a multitude of colors, stones, and styles so the sitting walls fit with your landscape.


Sitting walls can also double as retaining walls where needed, and are the perfect functional additional to your yard.



Sitting walls are excellent borders (and retaining walls) to garden areas and patio spaces. They give everyone a place to sit amongst the beauty of your backyard and truly make it a welcoming space.


Landscapers can use real stone, or concrete blocks casted to look like stone. The latter is often cheaper and can work in almost any budget or time frame.


How They’re Built

Sitting walls will always be secured with masonry adhesive, so you should not have any fear of kids climbing on them in that regard. Sitting walls usually take about 3-5 days to install, but it depends on the complexity of your design and whether you’re going with concrete blocks or real individual stones. Either way, the wall’s base will first have to be laid out and dug out. The base layer of subsoil and a compacted paver base will be added, and then the wall’s construction will begin.


The wall will be built in layers, and capstones will be added at the end of the process to finish off the look.


Rather than just sacking blocks up and up, a staggered design will likely be used, unless you’re going for something specific. Stones will be alternated in shape and size to give an elegant finishing touch to the sitting wall.


The ends of your sitting wall can be staggered down in a stair-step fashion or capped off and ended at a 90-degree angle. Gentle sloping is also possible with a bit more time added into the project.


Enjoying Your Sitting Wall

There are countless ways to enjoy your new sitting wall in your backyard space! Your friends and family members will love that there is added seating in the vicinity, and you’ll get to enjoy having a good place to sit while you work on your garden or admire your backyard.


Sitting walls are durable and timeless, and they can be incorporated to fit with any architecture style. The stone type and layout you choose will vary depending on your own tastes and the style of your house and landscape. The finished sitting wall should certainly look like it’s a part of your landscape design, and not an after thought that was added later on. With the right landscaper, you’ll never be able to tell what came first!

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