Above is a small sampling showing some of our previous stairs projects. We will be proud to show you our extensive portfolio highlighting the vast range of projects that we have completed when we meet for an initial consultation.

Our professional crews at Creative Landscape Services have been designing and installing quality Hardscapes for over 36 years. With our extensive experience in specializing solely in the landscape design and construction area of the industry, we are not a lawn maintenance company, we have developed and perfected construction procedures that have actually improved on the manufacturer’s installation recommendations. We are the only Landscape Contractor in the area with a “Life Time” warranty available on all of our Hardscape projects while most of the others offer only a 1-year warranty.

When everybody drives, or walks past your home the front entry is the focal point of every house. Why not make your front staircase the envy of everybody that sees it? As your guests arrive the front steps and door entry are the first impression that the will have of your home, why not let us give you the wow factor.

Getting around outside and needing to have stairs is certainly a more complex project than building them inside a home. There are so many more options and designs that can be used, the choices can be almost endless! Our landscaping experts are experienced in all things for the outdoors and can help you out with a consult before building them for you. Whether they are for a pool, garden, patio or another application; we can help you design then build them for you in Munster, IN!

If your patio is overlooking the garden, and you want to add stairs for easy access to both, it is time to check out the options for ideas, unless you already have an idea of materials and style. Call us and we will give you a professional plan for your new project. We will help you decide the best materials for the job, and your design ideas to make you a beautiful and functional stair to where ever it needs to go.

They can be built with decorative block, paving stones, and even natural stone as their pieces. A stone staircase leading up a small hill to a patio or another level in the garden looks amazing when built properly. If you need them poolside, that is not a problem but rather a great choice since it will stand up to the constant moisture. Using decorative concrete blocks and paving brick is popular because it can be fabricated into any shape or size, it is durable and you can add your own unique design.

Our professionals will let you know all that is involved in the construction, the time it may take and of course an estimate on costs for your new outdoor improvement. This will add looks a value to your home as well and give you even more reason to enjoy a relaxing walk in the garden that can end on the patio. Or, a patio get-together that the guests can enjoy a tour of the garden without having to go all the way around the patio and up a hill! There really is no end to the applications for stairs in the outdoor setting!

We will advise you and consult with your ideas and designs to make sure that everything is done to your satisfaction before we begin. Munster, IN will enjoy the sight of the garden stairs as will all your friends during your patio gatherings. Your property will be the talk of the town once word gets out and happy friends ask who you had for your landscaping needs. Our landscaping company is devoted to making sure our customers enjoy their newest additions to their property.

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