Above is a small sampling showing some of our previous walkways projects. We will be proud to show you our extensive portfolio highlighting the vast range of projects that we have completed when we meet for an initial consultation.

Our professional crews at Creative Landscape Services have been designing and installing quality Hardscapes for over 36 years. With our extensive experience in specializing solely in the landscape design and construction area of the industry, we are not a lawn maintenance company, we have developed and perfected construction procedures that have actually improved on the manufacturer’s installation recommendations. We are the only Landscape Contractor in the area with a “Life Time” warranty available on all of our Hardscape projects while most of the others offer only a 1-year warranty.

Are you looking for a professional landscaper to build your walkways in Dyer, IN? Look no further! We are here to consult with and give you the best solutions to your walkway dilemma. We are well versed in laying walkways and creating some amazing paths for your home and garden. Our experienced representatives will consult, measure and explain the best options for your particular needs.

There are many ways and material that can be used in constructing your walkway. Concrete, pavers, are by far the most common material but we have the years of experience and craftsmanship to also use natural flagstone, but rest assured, we will make sure you get the walkway that will complement your yard and garden.

Imagine a beautiful stone walkway leading up to your front door, and in the garden! It adds to your home’s beauty and value. Add one to your garden, the patio where ever there is a need! We will consult with you and explain what goes into the preparation and building your Dyer, IN walkways. There is a great transformation to a front walkway from concrete poured walkway or a worn path in the grass. It will transform that foot path to a thing of beauty and functionality.

A good walkway will also help out inside the home, instead of tracking in mud and dirt from a dirt path, it will save you hundreds a year in rug cleaning because the dirt will stay outside, where it belongs! And, your friends will definitely want to know who your landscaper is! Our professionals are here to make your dream of an amazing looking walkway, just give us a call to get things rolling!

There is a lot that goes into a proper walkway that will enhance your property. No matter where you are putting it. After a professional consultation and the work begins, the first thing is to check with 811 to make sure there are no electrical or gas lines running under the area so they aren’t accidentally cut in the process of digging up the area that you are having a walkway added to. Once the path is dug down and cleared of any grass or weeds, the crushed stone is put in for a solid base. On top of that, the sand is laid in place and leveled to lay the brick pavers or flagstone on. Then we spread Polymer sand over the walkway to keep weeds away. We install premium brick edging along all of the edges and compacted to 3400psi.

Our landscaping professionals build quality walkways that will last for many years. Dyer, IN has a much nicer look to its homes thanks to the beautiful walkways that are in front of their houses. Give us a call so we can help you organize and decide what you would like for your home’s walkways!

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